Example 6 - Add a splash of color to old black and white photos

Breath new life into old family portraits commemorating your family history in a special way.

Old Portraits


  • Background outline - Red: 163, Green: 172, Blue 189
  • Dress: Black and White Mask
  • Flower: Red:198, Green:173, Blue:54
  • Skin: Red:239, Green:225, Blue: 214
  • Hair, Iris: Red:87, Green:54, Blue:35
  • Whites of eyes: Black and White Mask
  • Lips:  Red:198, Green:86, Blue:55


  • When coloring items pure white, such as the dress and the whites of the eyes, it is better to use the black and white mask. To generate realistic looking images, New Color combines color information from the original and new colors together. When working with colors this effect is desired, but when working with white, this combination sometimes results in undesirable hues showing up where pure white is expected.  Using the black and white mask always forces the result to a pure white color eliminating this issue.
  • Zoom in to the areas with rough edges, like where the hair and background meet, and draw very fine lines to keep colors from bleeding.
  • Skin tones are very difficult to find on a color wheel, on the iPad you can view samples by swiping the color selection screen from right to left to view sample skin tones, eye colors, and hair tones. Try various tones until you get the right match for your portrait.
  • Try to stick to era appropriate colors when updating old portraits. A white, yellow, pastels are all appropriate for the time period. A very rich purple on the other hand, will not look correct.