Tutorial 1 - Getting Started with New Color

Getting started with New Color couldn't be easier, follow these illustrated step by step instructions to learn all about the major product features and learn just how easy colorization and color editing can be.

Tutorial 1: Getting Started



Step 1: Select An Image

Use the plus sign to select a new photo (1) or update a previously edited image by tapping it (2).




Step 2: Select a color

From the color menu, select the color you want to use.  You have the option of using the black and white mask (1), the color preserve mask (2) a preset color (3), or create a new color (4).




Step 3: Draw

Select the draw option (1) and sketch over areas with the color you selected. To convert a section to black and white, use the black and white mask (2) or use the color preserve mask (3) to keep a section its original color.




Step 4: Use Multiple Lines

You can use multiple colors and masks in a single image. Simply choose a color or mask and add additional lines. Use the zoom option (1) and reverse pinch to focus on small areas.




Step 5: Create the image

Tap the colorize button (1).  It will take a few seconds for your newly colored image to appear.  Don't worry: your original photograph will not be altered.




Step 6: Make adjustments

Sometimes colors bleed and need touch-ups.  Toggle b etween the original and new images using the 'show original' button (1). Then focus on areas by adding additional lines (2). Tap colorize.




Step 7: Save the image

Return to the start screen using the back button. Select the share icon (1) tap an image (2) and select 'Save' (3) to save images to your photo album. 'Save' creates a new image and will not overwrite existing photos.