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How do I prevent colors from bleeding into each other?

Bleeding occurs because objects with two different colors are have underlying similarities that makes New Color believe the two objects are really one. You can fix this by adding or move lines closer to the borders of the objects in question.

How did you create the photos on your site?

Check the examples section on the tutorial page, you will find tutorials and instructions on how to create every image on this site.

How can I make my photos look as good as the examples? 

Improvements can often be achieved via trial and error. Try adding or removing lines. When working with images that contain many small objects use smaller segments instead of using large sweeping lines. Another option is to change the colors you are using. Reducing the saturation can often help create better images or blend objects together. 

What platforms is New Color available on?

Currently New Color is only available for IOS. We may consider other platforms in the future based on customer feedback.

I can't find what I am looking for, any suggestions?

Feel free to contact us using the form below. Creating elegant solutions for our customers is our top priority so questions, feedback, details on issues, or thoughts on how we can make a better product are greatly appreciated.

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