New Color for IOS

New Color makes it easy to recolor existing photos for a fresh new look. With a few finger strokes, colorize b&w photos, make full color changes, or make partial color photos, with without the need for complicated layers or hard to learn techniques. 


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An innovative approach to colorization and editing.


Join the "New Color" revolution and add a fresh new look to your photos. New Color simplifies the process of updating images for that perfect shot. No complicated layers or hard to learn techniques,  just simple color changes with a few finger strokes. 


Features Include

Simple Drawing Tools


Select a color and loosely sketch around the inside of objects you wish to recolor. That's all there is to it! When you're ready, hit render and you are on your way. Three tools were specially designed to make it even easier: 




Use the draw icon and sketch inside objects with your finger.



When a line isn't positioned correctly, you can simply select move and drag the line to a new location.




If you make a mistake, fixing it is easy. Select erase, tap a line, and it's gone. 


Perfect Color Selection


New Color has been optimized to make color selection as simple or complex as you want. Select from a variety of preset colors or use the color wheel and sliders for complete control.

With the various masks it is easy to update colors in part of an image while leaving the rest its original vibrant hue. You can even use the black and white mask to create the same partial color images that industry professionals do.






Select from common preset colors by tapping an appealing color button.




Add Color


Choose an existing color from presets or create your own custom color using the color wheel or sliders.





Select paint, choose a color, and tap a line to change it to a new color. 



Color Mask


Use the color mask and draw lines to preserve an image's original color.




B&W Mask

Use the Black and White mask instead of a color to convert part of the image to grayscale. 




Custom Mask


You can also use any color to mask the background, creating sepia or any custom background effect.


Detailed Editing Options


With editing options such as Zoom, Toggle Lines, and Toggle Original images, putting detailed touches on your recolored images couldn't be easier.



Hide Lines

At any point, you can hide lines drawn on the image to give you a better view of your work. When you are done, tap again to show them. 



Selecting zoom enables common gestures like pinch and reverse pinch.


Show Original

While adjusting lines, use show original to toggle between the new and original images.