Kono is an abstract strategy game known for its unique leap-frog capture method. Each player attempts to capture the other player's pieces by jumping over their own piece and landing on the other player's piece.

The goal of the game is to capture all but one of your opponent's pieces or to immobilize them so they are unable to make a move.





In every battle, sacrifices must be made.

Can you outwit a classic Korean strategy game from the 19th century? Travel back to a time before computers and electricity, and take the challenge.

Kono is an elegant board game with simple rules but a complex finish. Move your pieces to into position or jump to capture an enemy piece. Win by capturing or pinning your enemy.

Kono Quest adds a unique twist to the classic Korean 4x4 board by introducing larger and strategically challenging boards. Compete on boards up to 8x8 at various levels of difficulty. 

Can you defeat your opponent or will you be defeated instead? Play Kono today.



To Move

You can move a token one step horizontally or vertically onto an empty node.

In this case the red token in the first row, first column can move either to the right or down.


To Capture

Jump a token over its own color and land on an opponent to capture it.

For example, the red token in the first column and first row, can jump over its own red token in the middle to capture the  blue token in the third column.


Draw Game

You can resign the game at any time, but this counts as a loss. After a certain number of consecutive moves without a capture, the player can call  a draw. If 10 additional moves take place without any captures, iOS will force a draw. A capture resets the counter. Draw becomes available as follows:

  • On the 4x4 screen after 10 moves without a capture.
  • On the 5x5 screen after 12 moves without a capture.
  • On the 6x6 screen after 14 moves without a capture.
  • On the 7x7 screen after 16 moves without a capture.
  • On the 8x8 screen after 18 moves without a capture.

Good luck, and welcome to Kono.