About Huntington Phoenix

Get information about Huntington Phoenix, including our mission, goals, and the legend behind our namesake, the Huntington Phoenix.

About us


At Huntington Phoenix our mission is to reinvent software, to take away complexity and create elegant consumer focused solutions for complicated problems.  We strive to write easy-to-use applications that enable users to focus on their goals, rather than overloading them with unnecessary complexity. 

It is this mission that drove our first product, New Color, a product designed for changing photographs in sophisticated ways without the bloat or complexity found in many commercial products. This concept of reinventing software is so fundamental that even the corporate name incorporates these values by invoking imagery of the phoenix, a mythological creature that reaches a critical point in its life, then burns to ash, only to rise up anew, revitalized and ready for fresh experiences.  Because we are using our skills to reinvent software for household use, we felt the phoenix was a perfect match.

So join us in our mission, join the New Color revolution, and help us redefine software.

The Legend

Our first software product is a recoloring tool that gives new life to your photos, much like the phoenix itself bringing new life from its ashes.  Many stories and adventures exist for the phoenix of legend, and our Huntington Phoenix is no exception.  Here is the story of our beloved friend, and we hope you enjoy all that he represents.


Once upon a time, there was a very sad bird.  His feathers were drab and gray.  Every morning, he awoke in his nest and fluttered to the end of the nearest branch, raising his voice to bring in the new day in song.  But the other birds did not sing along, and each morning heralded a lonely voice upon the wind.

The bird had built his nest in the village of Huntington where promises abounded that it was a lush and wonderful place, with countless feathered friends to meet and with whom he could share the skies.  He knew he had so much to share with them all, yet the drab gray bird found himself ever alone on his tree branch, and he knew not why.

One day, our feathered friend flew across a gray sky, his hues blending so well with the clouds that he lost himself in the amusement of feeling invisible.  He flew right past his home and continued on to nearby Heckshire Park, where he found a glorious pond and hundreds of other avian fellows.  Nervously, he remained aloft in the sky, hidden by the clouds above him, and he noticed that all the birds below boasted bright shades of red and blue, yellow and green, or even pure stark white.  He knew what he needed to do, so he tucked in his wings and hurried away.

As the bird returned home, he dipped into various bushes and trees, nabbing berries and fruits and whatever he could find, carrying them all back to his nest where he spent the next two hours working desperately.  He splattered a mess of blueberries onto his wings, and then he dipped his head into a strawberry, wearing it like a flight helmet.  Using small, supple twigs, he fastened the peel of a banana across his back, covering his wingspan.  For his chest, he smattered layers of coconut, after which he slid a stalk of celery under the banana peel, reaching from head to tail.  Finally, he carefully tucked some flower petals into his tail feathers, taking care not to drop them when he fanned his plumes. 

When all of his preparations were complete, he spread his wings and leaped into the sky, excited to return to the park and make some new friends.  But the added weight from all he was carrying made it difficult to stay aloft, but his will was strong and he pushed himself onward, flapping his banana-covered wings and inching his way closer and closer to the park.

When he arrived, the other birds watched in awe at the strange sight.  To them, he was an odd pile of produce twittering on the wind, though once he reached them and settled upon a bench, they understood.


"Whatever kind of bird are you?" asked a bold blue jay.

"I am just a colorful bird like you," he replied.

A red cardinal flew over and tweeted his dismay.  "You smell like you fell or dwell in a well, dear fellow."

A pair of doves alighted beside him, making soft sounds of dismay.  "This will never do!" they sang, and little by little, they stripped off the fruits and peels the bird had so carefully attached.

At first he resisted, but he didn't want to upset the others, now that he had found them.  He allowed the celery to hit the ground, and the banana peel to slip away.  Flower petals fluttered from his feathers and when the doves were done, he was a deep, dank gray once again. 

"Now, I'm nothing," the sad bird lamented.

"Not at all!" crooned an excited pigeon, flying in low.  "We haven't had a friend with your unique color here in quite some time!"

"But I'm all gray," he complained.  "I have no color at all."

The other birds flocked around him, chirping in denial.  And as he listened to them, he realized something very strange.  They were all singing his morning song!  He hadn't been alone at all.  The other birds had been listening each day and they had learned the high tweets and the low toots with the spiraling center.

"You see?" said one of the doves.  "There is much color within you and we have been waiting to meet you!"

The bird was filled with such joy, he laughed as only a bird can do, his voice rising up in glorious song.  He let the feeling course through him and the love in his heart radiated outward at last.  He was no longer alone in the world and he had others around him who cherished him for who he was inside.


The sunlight glimmered downward and he basked in its glow.  The warmth permeated him and a wild light illuminated his heart.  He didn't know what was happening, but as he accepted himself and believed in his own worth, the light took hold of him and he shone like a beacon to all the sad, lonely souls in all the land.

When the light subsided and the heat faded away, he looked down at his gray feathers, but they were gray no longer.  Each feather had taken on the sheen within his heart and now he rose into the sky with vibrant reds and golds, glimmering in the merry sunlight, fluttering like living flame.  Now everyone could see him as he saw himself.  He was a bright and talented, loving friend, who just wanted to share his experiences and songs with those around him.

And so the Huntington Phoenix came to be.  When you look up in the sky and see a light you do not recognize, it is just the phoenix reminding you to let your inner colors shine brightly.  Let your sadness and loneliness be reborn in a brilliant flash by sharing the true and inner you.